Leaders stick out

For a leader it is unavoidable to stick out of the crowd. When doing a morning walk today this picture reminded me of a leadership trait.

You see a rather unspectacular apartment building. Many balconies, one just like any other. There is one small exception. One tenant dares to stick out with a colorful flag.

Not everyone may support the cause. The tenant may even receive some pushback for various reasons. Yet:

A leader brings a cause to our attention.

It always takes a first step. As Toastmasters we practice to move slightly out of our comfort zone and take that first step.

Homemade awards

We really like our awards. Every meeting we select:

  • Best Speaker
  • Best Evaluator
  • Best Table Topics and
  • Most Imporved

This adds up to quite a few awards. This is why every now and then we have to get them/ buy them/ make them. We choose the latter: Make them ourselves

Olga and Christian cutting awards