X-Mas Party 2019

On December 18th we decided to have our X-Mas Meeting. As always we would have a party with wonderful food, a white elefant gift exchange and of course lots of table topic speeches. This years location we choose “Chez Mathiesons” as opposed to a normal restaurant.

As you can see from the pictures: We had a blast. The food was shared in a potlock fasion. It was plenty in variety and quantity. We started with Kir (almost royal) as aperitiv. Had first round of table topics before we went to the main course.

Then Dorleta was so kind to play a little a “left-right” game with us, where Steve and myself were the lucky winners.

After dinner we did the white elefant gift exchange as every year. And as every year we got a little into a sportive mode and it was easy for everyone to explain in a 2 minutes speech, why his or her gift was a perfect match.

We sing an old Scotish carol.

With a little singing we came towards an end of a wonderful evening.

We thank Morag and David very much for offering their home for this special meeting and look forward to see many of you in the next year again.