2023-24 Officers

The Officers for the Toastasters Year


Many cultures all over the world celebrate New Year in some manner. These different New Years are associated with many exciting traditions and celebrations and occur at different times of the year. There is a very special New Year that only a few know about. It is the Toastmasters’ New Year which we celebrate on July 1st. This new year does not bring twelve new months but a bunch of eager and fully motivated new officers willing to make an already perfect and outstanding club even better. Let me cordially introduce you to our officers’ team for the 2023/2024 Toastmasters year.

President: Anatoly Polkovnikov 

VP Ed: Christian Riegel

VP Membership: Olga Kutsche / Jake Tuschinski

VP PR: Evelin Balogh

Treasurer: Julien Dumond

Secretary: Nina Gumprecht

Sergeant-at-Arms: Alexander Katzmann

Immediate Past President: Deeksha Gupta