Welcome Mazhar

Toastmasters club provides a friendly environment where you can not only practice your public speaking but also get the feedback from our experts for further refinement.
Similar to many others, Mazhar has initially attended the Toastmasters Erlangen club as a guest. Now, He has taken a further step in order to improve his speaking skills by joining the club as a member on the first meeting of the year 2020.
We at Erlangen Toastmasters welcome you to attend any of our upcoming meetings and experience yourself how the club can support you to achieve your public speaking Goal.

Lei Li gives his ice-breaker

The first speech a new member gives is called “Ice Breaker”. Lei Li has joined Erlangen Toastmasters club only a month ago and he has delivered his Ice Breaker speech on November 20, 2019. He talked about himself by focusing on how he is improving himself through quitting— 

  • worrying about opinions of others,
  • limiting believes of himself and
  • meeting expectations of everyone

The title of his speech was ‘I Quit’. We are proud of him and also encourage individuals like Lei Li to join Erlangen Toastmasters in order to become the better version of themselves.