Club Officer Meeting July 18th

The first club officer meeting was scheduled and held on July 18th.

The agenda was as follows:
Officer Reports

VPEd (Membership Accomplishments/ Mentors) Anatoly
VPM (Membership Changes/ Guests) Jake
VPPR (Notable Outreach # & locations) Matthias
Tre$ (Financials/ Dues Deadlines) David
Sec. (Correspondence, TMI Submissions) Alexander
S@A (Zoom & Room updates) Julien
Pres (TMI, District, Area News) Deeksha

Leadership Central

This is the place, where we have all the necessary organisational stuff available for the club officers.

Club Success Plan

Review Feedback
Collaboration Round:
We had an intersting discussion on “how much fun should be in a officers meeting”.
We realized that there is a certain tendency to rush through and bang, bang, bang hash it out –
   which we would like to replace with a more relaxed way and planned fun as part of the agenda.

You see above Anatoly making his point on how we can achieve a certain closeness amoung the leadership team.

Club Meeting Assessment

Low Tires (need a little air)
Flat Tires (broken) Conduct Table Topics Session
New Tires (current club culture needs something new)


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