Fun ? Meeting on 02.02.2022

The date already is showing it, that it was a meeting with lots of fun. We saw many familiar faces as well as quite a few guests tonight.

3 screens full of participants

Our program was full with three speeches. and we had an interesting variation of table topics. Instead of the table topics master asking questions and to participants thinking about the answer we turned it around. One speaker – Morag in this case – had to answer “augmented” questions from the audience.

You may wonder about the term “augmented“. That was our word of the day. If you wanted to ask a question you had to use this word in your question.

As a result we at the end gave ribbons not only for best beach and best evaluator, but also for “best augmented question”.

Best evaluator
best augmented question

It was really a lot of fun! Thanks to everybody participating

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