Inaugration of the 2022 Officers

The outgoing president Jake Tushinski made it point to welcome all the new officers. It was a bit formal and with a little a bit of pathos – but not too much – just righlty balanced.

Outgoing president Jake Tushinski

The new officers are:
President: Deeksha Gupta
VP Education: Anatoly Polkovnikov
VP Membership: Jake Tuschinski
VP Public Relations: Matthias Senn
Secretary: Alexander Katzmann
Treasurer: David Mathieson
Sergeant at Arms: Julien Dumond – appointed later 😉
IT Support: Morag Mathieson
Immediate Past President: Jake Tuschinski

New officers – New roles

While the word of the day was “bore” – there was neither a wild boar nor anything else boring in the meeting.

Our new president Deeksha Gupta made sure that the standard is set: No lower than we ever did: The best we possibly can. We are not willing to live with “so-so”. This sounds to our club lilke “mediocre”. We are of course aiming for fun and have no intention to stress out our members. We try to make sure everybody get the right amount of value out of our club. Such that the “give” and the “take” stay in balance.

New president of Erlangen Toastmasters: Deeksha Gupta

The meeting was run by our toastmaster of the evening Olga Kutsche. As you can already see from the pictures and read by the names: inclusion and diversity plays a major role in our club.

Toastmaster of the Evening: Olga Kutsche

Our member Rama choose as title for his speech: “Save soil”. Where he would explain the riches of earthworms, bacteria and fungi that can be found in soil. In total a quarter of the world species find their home in “soil”. In addition it stores millions of cubic meters of water and is the source for most of food that feeds people and animals alike. Definitely a topic to learn about more. Thank you very much Rama for this beautiful speech.

First speaker of the evening

The second speaker of the evening was Mayank Patwari. He focused on “Seven habits of highly ineffective people”. He referred of course to the famous book of Steven Covey. In looking into our real world he realizes that the majority of people are not following the book that was written almost 40 years ago. In the style like the Villach born author Paul Watzlawick, Mayank used a lot of fun, smile and a little bit of irony to make clear – how not to do it.

Mayank showing us how wrong a mirror can be

And here his advice for you *not* to note down:

  • be reactive
  • don’t have plan
  • switch your priorities
  • be competitive – always
  • listen to reply
  • be a lone wolf
  • stagnate

In case you got interested – why don’t you just check us out. It is fun. It is a bit addictive – and: it is definitely worth it.

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