Morag Mathieson the new International President of Toastmasters International

Morag Mathieson Takes Helm as First Female International President of Toastmasters International outside of North America

Morag Mathieson, DTM

The Erlangen Toastmasters Club is overjoyed to share a moment of triumph for our community. Morag Mathieson, DTM, has achieved an extraordinary feat by becoming the first woman outside of North America to hold the esteemed title of International President of Toastmasters International.
An embodiment of dedication, Morag is a holder of the coveted Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) title, representing the pinnacle of Toastmasters' achievement. Since joining the Erlangen Toastmasters Club in 2006, she has championed various leadership roles, dedicating herself to nurturing effective communication and leadership skills.
Beyond her individual accomplishments, Morag's ascent to the role of International President marks a significant chapter for Toastmasters International. She becomes only the second person from Europe in Toastmasters' history to be elected to this prestigious position, a true reflection of her remarkable leadership qualities.
Her tenure is further illuminated by the fact that her presidency coincides with Toastmasters International's 100th anniversary, adding an extra layer of historical significance to her role. As an officer of the Toastmasters International Board of Directors, Morag will play a pivotal role in refining policies and procedures that steer the organisation as it enters its centennial year.
The Erlangen Toastmasters Club stands united in celebration of Morag Mathieson's triumph and anticipates the profound impact she will undoubtedly leave on Toastmasters globally. Here's to a groundbreaking era of leadership, empowerment, and effective communication under Morag's exceptional guidance.