In our toastmasters meeting on July 20th we practiced our skills in having hybrid toastmasters meetings.

Matthias described himself in the role as entertainer as pretty extrovert. This is why he enjoys being VP Public Relations repeatedly. He said is so extrovert that at times the following sentence is true for him:

How can I know what I am thinking
before I hear, what I am saying

At first this sonds funny – and it is. At second glance this is of course also a curse. As an extrovert he at times says things, where he would love to eat his words afterwards. That is sometimes not possible – which he finds an unfair bias against extroverts. You can always speak up after the fact – you can not stay quiet after the fact.

In order to at least reduce his handicap a bit he keeps the following drawing on the wall of his desk. He found it somewhere in the internet (probably on linkedIn) and hopes it is ok to post it here as well:

In the prepared speeches section we had the following prepared speeches:

Julien D presented a speech with the title: “On the same wavelength
The speech was from the manual motivational strategies – Understanding Your Communication Style. The alloted time was 5:00-7:00 min. The objective of his speech was: “Share a communication style and its impact on professional and personal relationships; avoid reporting on the content of this project”.

Anatoly P. presented a speech with the title: “A Frame of Reference
The speech was from the manual Persuasive Influence – Understanding Conflict Resolution. The alloted time was 5:00-7:00 min. The objective of his speech was: Discuss in a speech how the speaker manages conflict, how to develop a stronger strategy and the speakers best attributes in a conflict situation; optionally, share the impact of the video activity; note that the speech is NOT a report the project content.

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