Welcome Axel and thank you Michael

With the new toastmasters year we also got a new president: Axel Kraut. He takes over from Michael Sühling. A few days back they met and handed over the gavel.

Axel receives the gavel from Michael

The Romans had the Fasces to represent power, in Music it is the baton that indicates who directs an ensemble. In toastmasters we use the gavel to indicate who is the presiding officer

fasces, baton, gavel

In 2011, Toastmasters rebranded itself with the tagline “Where Leaders Are Made.” This roots in the observation of behavioural scientists that leaders are not born, but rather leadership skills can be learned by training, perception, practice and experience over time. Leadership learning is lifetime activity.

Where leaders are made

This is why we elect our club officers every year and the position of the president cannot be hold two times in a row. This way more members can receive training, perception, practice and experience in our clubs.

We thank Michael for his encouraging and prudent leadership. Our club was the first in our division to reach the highest level of distinction: president’s distinguished. This shows our club served its members well with well-trained officers, many members making progress in their educational paths with measurable achievements and attracting new members to our club.

Ribbon (not yet officially received)

We wish Axel and his team all the best for his term, that started July 1st. May our club continue to prosper and serve its members well.

All the best!

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